Wednesday, March 15, 2017

With great pride, the Board of Directors of M.M. Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction presents the list of semifinalists in the 2016 Competition.  The ten books selected span many themes, styles and time periods but share a common standard of excellence consistent with the work of M.M. Bennetts.  We have already begun work on the second round of judging. The fact that so many outstanding novels did not make the list is testimony to the quality of this year’s submissions. 
Books are listed by date of submission.

1.  Jane the Quene, Janet Ambrosi Wertman

2.  Carrie Welton, Charles Monagan

3.  Murcheson County, Rodney Page

4.  The Competition, Caroline Miley

5. In a Gilded Cage, Susan Appleyard

6.  The Devil's Chalice, D. K. Wilson

7.  Thy Children's Children, Diana Ross McCain

8.  The Prince of Glencurragh, Nancy Blanton

9. The Whale, Mark Beauregard

10. New Albion, Dwayne Brenna

We thank you all for your support and participation, and look forward to having you with us for 2017 competition.

          The Board of M.m.Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction

Friday, February 3, 2017

Submissions for the 2016 M.m.  Bennetts Award are  Closed

Readers are still needed.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

At Midnight PST,  Submissions of entries in the 2016 M.m. Bennetts Award will close.  We had several last minute submissions, and we need readers.  Check the List of Books by clicking the Book Choices menu bar above, and if you see anything that strikes your fancy or which deals with a period in which you have a special interest, email us at and a copy will be sent to you.Don't miss a chance to be part of the selection process.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Admission Deadline is January 31, 2017

The deadline for submission of entries in the 2016 M.m. Bennetts Award Competition is January 31, 2017, at Midnight, PDT. Please read the rules. A completed submission includes: 1) the documentary information as provided to the address on the Call forSubmission Post below; the payment of the $15 entry fee using the Paypal button at the bottom of the Call for Submissions Post;  and the submission of three Amazon Kindle gift vouchers addressed to  as recipient in each, of the three copies of the book to be provided to the first round readers readers, or an email confirming you have posted paperback copies. Contestants who live where they cannot send e-books via (primarily in the UK), please email Linda Root at for special arrangements before the January 31st.deadline.