Saturday, September 12, 2015

Call for Sumissions: Historical Fiction Published in 2015

The M.M. Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction Association is pleased to issue a Call for Submissions for historical fiction published in 2015. The winner will be announced at the Oxford, England Historical Novel Society's Conference in September, 2016.

We would appreciate early submissions to take time pressure off the readers/judges. Questionnaires with scoring and commenting are filled out at the end of a read and will not be changed, so time will not affect the judge's view of a book.

Please see the Submissions page of this site to determine whether your novel qualifies and what steps you should take to submit.

We look forward to the 2015/16 season!


  1. Oh well as organiser of Oxford HNS 16, lovely. Hope though that I can enter.

    1. Hi Carol,

      (We did receive permission from Richard Lee, not just assuming!) :)

      As we have no connection to the Historical Novel Society other than permission to make our announcement at the event, you are welcome to submit. Our rules state: "Members of the Board of Directors of the M.M. Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction, its committee members, its assigned readers, and its judges may not submit."

      Looking forward to your submission!

  2. Am I considered an assigned judge? For if not, I'd like to submit Jasper's Lament. Thanks.

    1. Hi Katherine,

      We will be starting over this year, so what you did last year does not matter. If you want to submit the book, that comes first. Please feel free to submit.

  3. Exciting news! I just missed the date for last year when Wulfsuna was published, so shall get submitting.